About us

Founded 15 years ago, Artimon is a French company specialising in the development and production of manufactured and private label products. Our products are used by nutritional and animal health specialists.
Our production site is situated in the west of France, in Plérin. Implanted in a region with strong agricultural and agri-food links, we remain constantly informed of the ever-changing world of stock breeders. A source of inspiration and progress, the on-going evolutions allow us to exchange ideas with our partners in order to better respond to their needs.

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Services 100% dedicated to your needs


Artimon brings you the best possible solutions to respond to stock breeder requirements. We have the capacity to develop an extensive product range, created according to your needs.


With more than 15 years experience at our French production site, we have acquired a real expertise in the elaboration of nutraceutical products. Our production procedures follow a logic which allow us to meet our partners expectations.

Private label

The sale of private label products is the most effective way of standing out in competitive and global markets.